Redefining Mental Health,
Our Personal Breakthrough

Our Mission

ONE HUMANITY is dedicated to destigmatizing mental health and catalyzing affordable, universally accessible, and pioneering mental health solutions.

Elevating Global Consciousness,
One Mind at a Time

Our Vision

Our vision is to positively impact the future of mental health by harnessing the power of innovation, collaboration, and human potential.


Launch the Global Symbol for Mental Health

We are creating a globally recognized symbol that brings awareness to mental health issues while pursuing a world where mental well-being is embraced and nurtured.

Host Global Benefit Events

We are organizing an annual global benefit festival and other events that will raise funds for mental health initiatives and solutions while fostering unity, understanding and support among all participants and stakeholders.

Advance Innovative Solutions

In collaboration with leading institutions and governments, we are committed to supporting innovative technologies and treatments for mental health while developing new solutions that are poised to transform mental health care globally.

Build Global Partnerships

We will establish strategic partnerships and alliances with key stakeholders to advance mental health policies, practices, and programs, while creating a global support network for knowledge and resource sharing.

Establish Mental Health Awareness Month Globally

We seek to stimulate global conversations, inspire understanding, and promote proactive actions around mental health issues by establishing the month of May as Mental Health Awareness Month worldwide.

Our Founder's Story

Having entered one of the most turbulent times in modern human history, Evan Klassen was compelled by a profound call to action that demanded his attention. During humanity’s recent struggles with a global pandemic and worldwide turmoil, he recognized that we’re living through a silent yet rapidly escalating epidemic: the global mental health crisis.

Evan’s own journey, marked by personal challenges and depression, unveiled a simple truth: although our life journeys are diverse, we experience many of the same mental struggles, and yet the shared heart of humanity beats as one. Sharing our collective story is just as important as our individual tales.

Finding strength in his journey, Evan realized his purpose and higher calling: to encourage others to find resilience amidst hardship, to embrace the collective human spirit, and to recognize the worth each one of us brings to the world.

ONE HUMANITY Foundation is more than just an initiative; it’s a beacon of hope. It encapsulates Evan’s vision that by nurturing human connection, we can redefine mental health and wellness for all. By creating meaningful connections, elevating human consciousness, and addressing the evolving needs of our global society, ONE HUMANITY aims to serve as a guiding light and champion the future of mental health.


Watch our Founder’s performance of his song “We Belong” about peace and love of humanity that ignited our ONE HUMANITY mission.

Our Team

Our Mission Has Many Faces, But Only One Heart

Dave Rothfeld brings his years of experience successfully managing two Fortune 200 companies, combined with his ability to influence young minds as "executive in residence" at several universities. Dave is committed to guiding the foundation to success through a process emphasizing honesty and transparency at every level.

Evan Klassen is the visionary behind the ONE HUMANITY Foundation as well as ONETOPIA, the global benefit festival dedicated to mental health. As a  globally-recognized entrepreneur, Evan has nearly two decades of international business success. He carries a passion of uniting innovators and industry leaders around the common purpose of creating a better future throug  impact-driven initiatives.

Simon Bogdanowicz has over 16 years of experience as a seasoned entrepreneur, enterprise technology leader, and finance professional. He is also the Founder of Catalyst Global, a globally-recognized web3 venture builder and growth mentor. Simon brings a global Fortune 1000 network and vast experience as a business operator to the ONE HUMANITY team.

Board of Advisors

Dr. James Doty
Doug Ivanovich
Dr. Jean Shahdadpuri
Thomas Vu
Esther Porto
David Knower
Nicole Ruvo
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